Make Fitness A Game.®

Share your health journey with your community with ease.
Serving thousands of communities in the past 30 days.

Connect with 300+ wearables, fitness apps, & any VR

Your homebase for all of your fitness activity. Integrate with 300+ wearables, popular fitness apps, & any VR game, compete against your friends, track your stats, and earn XP for all of your workouts.


Fitness is more fun with friends

After your integrations are paired up, you're off to the races. View four tiles daily that allow you to compete or be collegial with others on Most Improved, New Members, Top Workouts, and Top Steps. We are also rolling out many more!

Most Improved
Who deserves flowers for making some drastic improvements.
New Members
Chronicle new competitors everyday as they come online.
Top Workout
Who is putting in the most work in absolute terms.
Top Steps
Track your steps and compare your own to those of your friends.

Reward your community for staying healthy


Integrate YUR with Discord
in 3 easy steps

Explore our key features centered around motivation,
accountability, rewards, and competition.

Step 1
Download YUR on the App Store or Play Store
Step 2
Pair a wellness or fitness source of choice to track activity
Step 3
Pair your Discord profile to YUR and begin participating

Pricing Plans

Clear, transparent pricing that scales with you.

Frequently Asked


What is the bot and what is it's purpose?
The bot, called YUR Coach, syncs fitness data to your community. Community plays a key role in development of health, and YUR Coach seeks to streamline making a healthy community possible. Our core focus is on activity tracking (e.g. VR games like Beat Saber, walking, or cycling with a Peloton) and turning all of that into a fun game for your community with monthly seasons.
What is the bot able to access (permissions required)?
YUR Coach will need channel permissions in the channel of choice for the fitness summaries, but it will not require any server-wide permissions and is perfectly safe for every community.
Is my data stored?
YUR stores data related to delivery of its product only, in a HIPAA-compliant and secure cloud instance. Request account deletion directly in app or here. All data stored is only for the product experience for you and your community.
How do I get custom bot UI?
Coming soon to our Advanced Plan, you'll be able to set colors right from Discord using a command.
How do I get a custom cadence of posts?
Coming soon to our Advanced Plan, you'll be able to set the number of posts & cadence using a command.
Does YUR cost money?
To the community members YUR is free! YUR provides its services as a plan-based pricing model to community treasuries.
How do I request support or a feature?
Write us via our email or reach out in the Discord community